Toronto is a hub of fantastic drinking establishments. When planning a night out on the town visitors are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of choice. We have narrowed down the very best bars to check while in Ontario’s capital.

Trendy Bars

  • Bar Chef

This is the place to go for cocktails. Their staff are experts at molecular gastronomy and use their skills to create a diverse number of drinks. All of their syrups, infusions and bitters are prepared in-house so that the cocktails on offer are the best they can be. These are not just drinks, they are pieces of art.

  • DW Alexander

Patrons who want to enjoy this classy joint will have to conform to their strict dress code. Business casual is expected for all customers. They also need to be over 25. This gives the bar a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. Their drinks are complex and often very strong in alcohol content.

  • MahJong Bar

This great bar is often overlooked, which is a shame as its neon Asian atmosphere should not be missed. Their cocktails are a unique blend of western and eastern influences. They also have an excellent food menu to try. Wine fans will appreciate the selection that the MahJong Bar offers.

  • Bar Raval

Tapas and cocktails prove to be a perfect combination in this eloquent College Street bar. It opens reasonably early in the day, making it an ideal start for a pub crawl. Bar Raval has a distinct Spanish flavour and an exotic design. It is perfect for an intimate dining experience.

Sports Bars

  • The Loose Moose

Located close to the Scotiabank Arena, the Loose Moose has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where friends can hang out and watch games. It has one of the biggest selections of draft beers on tap. There is also enough room to fit 300 patrons during the big seasons.

  • Wayne Gretzky’s

This bar is home to sporting legend Wayne Gretzky’s own personal collection of valuable memorabilia. Visitors can buy their own Gretzky merchandise from the gift shop. There are dozens of HD TVs dedicated to screening live games.

  • The Football Factory

This is the location in Toronto for checking out the latest soccer matches. Every table gets its own TV, giving customers an added sense of convenience. The bar opens at 7 am so that early risers will always have somewhere to follow live sports. There is also plenty of pub grub to try, including chorizo sausages and shepherd’s pie.

  • Shark Club

The Shark Club is one of the newest bar and grill places in the city, and it boasts a third-floor patio giving unique views. They have already been voted the best sports bar in Canada.