If you are a resident of Montreal or you are visiting the Canadian city, bars are an interesting place to spend time. You do not have to be a drinker to sample the many types of bars since most of them also serve foods and bites for people who do not drink alcohol. Some of the best bars you should consider visiting in Montreal include the following.


This bar serves both cocktails and martinis that suit different tastes. It also has white wine on tap, and the price is affordable. The other reason people love Cordova is because of the ambience and interior decor.

Nhau bar

This is a bar located in the basement of the building that serves drinks that tend to have an Asian taste to it. It also has fruity cocktails and wine that you can get on order. Their menu also serves interesting food such as crispy shrimps and chicken wings.

Les Insulaires

This is the first microbrewery that was ever set up in Laval. It serves several types of Quebec craft beers, cocktails, wine and bites that you can take while you are enjoying your drinks.

Buvette Chez Simone

The exposed brick and the horseshoe shape of the bar makes it a good place for groups who want to meet and have conversations. They have a vast wine collection and even sell it by the glass.

Bar St-Denis

Bar st- Denis has a selection of bar food, a blend of beers and classic cocktails. The space is also big enough to accommodate a large group. The bar even serves foods and soothing music for people who want to enjoy the ambience without indulging in a non-alcoholic drink.

Big in Japan

This bar is on the corner of St. Laurent, and you may pass it because it does not have a lot of distinct features save for the big red door that everyone knows it for. If you are searching for a hostelry with an extra touch of detail, you will enjoy the hanging whiskey rack and special cocktails that the waiters serve.

Saint Houblon

They have a considerable range of beers on tap and a carefully chosen menu that has bites and savoury eats that can be made on order. You can also make reservations especially if you want to entertain a large crowd at the bar.

Le 409

This gastro-pub has a menu full of a variety of beers, cocktails and wine. It is a prefered place for young people who want to enjoy the comfort of a bar that is bustling with life.

Bulma Bar

People frequent the Bulma bar in the winter when they need something to heat up the cold days. Their wildly named cocktails live up to their words, and they live up to the randomness of the recipe used in making them.

Milky Way

If you want to visit somewhere pretty, then the Milky Way is your place. The design is well thought out, and they have cocktails that meet the needs of different people. The lighting is also art by itself.