Why Canada?

Canada is the producer of some of the finest alcoholic beverages in the entire world. Every year this country exports big brands which are enjoyed by millions of people. Being able to visit the breweries where these products are made is a treat for many people.

Not only will visitors get to understand the overall brewing process better, but they will also often be given free samples. This makes brewery tours an ideal choice for a fun day out.


However, these tours are not just for recreational purposes. Independent bars are always striving to find alcohol which will prove to be popular with their patrons. A tour of breweries can help them to understand which company they should partner up with.

Sometimes breweries will invite their potential business partners on tours to develop a better working relationship. It allows clients to ensure the high quality of the product and that it conforms to adequate safety standards.

Booking the Right Tour

There are undoubtedly a few factors to consider when deciding the right brewery to visit. If this is for business purposes, then the actual products on offer will be the most critical aspect. However, if the person booking is doing so merely for recreation, then they will have several more complicated things to think about.

Distance can be an issue for many. While on vacation, it is better to book a brewery that is relatively close to the accommodation. Otherwise, most of the day will be wasted getting from A to B. If people are adamant on visiting a specific company, then they should look for accommodation which is close to this brewery.

The overall taste of the group is also essential. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to different alcohol brands. It is useful to find a middle ground by thinking of a drink which everyone enjoys. Once that has been narrowed down it will be much easier to choose a specific brewery.


It is imperative that people never drink and drive. This is not only illegal but also very dangerous. Therefore, if visitors wish to drink while touring a brewery, then they need to consider their transport options in advance.

One useful technique is to designate a driver who will not be drinking any alcohol on the tour. This is undoubtedly a reliable way to ensure that drinking and driving do not take place. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Luckily, most breweries in Canada can be accessed by a taxi service. If this is a group tour, then each member can chip in, so that the fee is more economically convenient. Public transport such as trains and buses are also viable options to consider.