Microbrewery Beers To Try Out

  • Blueberry Blonde, Broadhead Brewing Company

If you want an exceptionally fruity beverage then look no further than Blueberry Blonde. Based in Ottawa, Broadhead Brew Co. have cracked the code for creating a uniquely sweet beer. Those who want to try out new and interesting flavors should definitely try this drink out.

  • Grasshopper Kristallweizen, Big Rock Brewery

This moreish filtered wheat ale has the perfect balance of sweetness and bitter notes. This is the crispest ale found on our list. It is brewed by a company that creates great beer from Vancouver all the way over to Calgary.

  • British IPA, Strathcona Beer Company

This beer is impressively diverse in its mix of different flavors. Luckily they all mix together perfectly. Boasting malty and hoppy notes, British IPA finishes with a satisfying dryness. The name suggests that this drink is influenced by UK beers and it certainly tastes that way.

  • Greenwood IPA, Left Field Brewery

Golden ales have seen a resurgence in recent years. Greenwood IPA manages to give us a beautiful pale gold hybrid that is both juicy and full bodied. It is the most refreshing beer to drink on a hot summer day.

  • Rattlesnake RyePA, Tobermory Brewing Co.

Organic beer has proved increasingly popular in recent years. Tobermory have recognized this and therefore strive to create products that have zero preservatives or additives. Their big seller is the exquisite Rattlesnake RyePA. It is often risky to make a beer with orange notes. Many have ended up being overwhelming. However, this particular beer has the perfect mixture of fruit and spice. It is a real treat that is best drunk during the colder months of the year.

Buying Online

Some of the best microbrewery beers can be bought online. This is the most modern method of purchasing alcohol. You can buy these beers using echecks, making the purchasing process very convenient. They are also delivered straight to your door, meaning that you do not even have to leave the house.

Local Breweries

There has also been a new trend of people buying from microbreweries from their own community. This is a great choice because it allows the local economy to thrive. It may even help put your own town on the map.


Everyone has their own taste when it comes to beer. Luckily most independent producers will put descriptions on their bottles informing you what the drink tastes like. Some people like strong and stout ones, whereas others prefer hoppy and fruity beer. The best kind of Canadian microbreweries will have a wide variety of beers for people to try. That way they will cater to everyone’s tastes. For an indie beer to become profitable it needs to have broad appeal.